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We're uPVC Window Experts in Lithgow

Welcome to Diamond Seal Double Glazing, where we service many from Lithgow. 

We are your trusted provider of top-quality double glazed windows and superior window glazing solutions. With our extensive expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are proud to offer the finest double glazing products in the area.


Why choose Diamond Seal Double Glazing in Lithgow?

  • Double glaze windows for enhanced energy efficiency.
  • PVC and uPVC windows for durability and style.
  • Advanced window glazing techniques for optimal thermal performance, noise reduction, and enhanced security.
  • Sustainable living with lower energy bills.
    At Diamond Seal Double Glazing, we understand the importance of energy efficiency, comfort, and style when it comes to windows for those in Lithgow. Our double glazed windows provide exceptional insulation, reducing heat transfer and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment all year round. By installing our double glaze windows, you can significantly lower your energy bills and create a more sustainable living space.

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

Grey house with uPVC double glazed windows

With our extensive experience in the double glazing industry, particularly in the Lithgow area, Diamond Seal Double Glazing is the trusted choice for homeowners and businesses in Lithgow. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering personalised solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We take pride in our excellent customer service, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience from initial consultation to final installation.


Lithgow residents can benefit greatly from our uPVC double glazed windows. The robust uPVC frames offer superior strength and weather resistance, making them perfect for the diverse climate conditions of the region. Not only do these windows enhance the thermal efficiency of your property, but they also add an elegant touch to its overall appearance.

Here’s why people choose our windows:


  • Superior strength and weather resistance: uPVC frames offer excellent durability, withstanding the diverse climate conditions of the Lithgow region.
  • Enhanced thermal efficiency: Our uPVC double glazed windows provide exceptional insulation, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Noise reduction: Experience a quieter living environment with our uPVC double glazed windows, reducing external noise intrusion.
  • Enhanced security: The robust uPVC frames provide added security, giving you peace of mind for your home or business.


4/5A Michigan Rd Kelso NSW 2795





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